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Monday, 7 March 2016


A stewardess with West Jet is suing the company for wrongful dismissal after she accused a pilot of assaulting her.  He’d invited her for drinks on the balcony of his hotel room during a layover in Maui.  Then he grabbed her, dragged her to the bed and began groping her genitals.  And that got me thinking, genitals?  Why genitals?  I mean guys are obviously genitals, what with all the different parts just hanging there.  But why women?  When I posed the question to my wife she said, why don’t you write a blog post about it?  And I thought, why not?  But before I did that, I thought I should do some research And I did and now I feel stupid because, after all, I am supposed to be an educated guy and I did once teach sex ed to Grade 9 students.  My favourite lesson was on STDs where I utilized the assistance of a flip chart.  As I faced the students, a description of the STD would appear on my side of the chart and the students would see an poster size, photographic image of of the STD in all its Technicolor glory.  Their reaction on every flip was priceless.  How I loved that lesson. Obviously, it was the students who were learning and not me.  When I told my wife how stupid I felt after my brief investigation of female genitals via Wikipedia, she just laughed.  Then I said, “You wondered, didn’t you?” and she said “Yah,” which just goes to show but then again, I still feel stupid.